How to make points boost their own generation

I tried making a self-synergy upgrade by using the equasion Math.pow(log(points + 1) + 1) but that didnt work, anyone have an equasion that works?

I see the problem here. make sure to add the effect() code first (if you didn’t) and change the +'s to add(x).

You can’t use Math.pow or log functions with points. They are a Decimal() value, using a custom library allowing numbers above 1e308. Plus, you don’t have a second value in math.pow.
I am going to assume you want the exponent to be 2, and that your log is base 2
The correct equation would be player.points.add(1).log(2).add(1).pow(2)


You should be able to guess what Decimal.dOne/Decimal.dTwo are from the name if you remove the d from it

You need to use decimal values for it to work