I cant find index.html on my file explorer

im using windows 11, the most recent windows version, of course, im having some problems making my own mod, and yes, i read using your repository but im stuck at step 1, can someone please help me?

To clarify, you clicked “show in finder/explorer” within the github desktop client? That should bring you directly to the folder with index.html within it.

But, there is way to find the index.html file on windows 11?

Yes. Github desktop is a program for windows. I have windows 11 and it works just fine (and I typically wouldn’t expect any windows app to suddenly break for windows 11 users).

im so confused right now, can you, at least, share me a picture or vid where the index.html file is located at? both pictures or vids will work.

or there is way to view my game and test it without using the index.html file?

How about you show a screenshot of what you are currently looking at?

i dont have a screenshot software

Windows 11 has screenshot software. Just hold down shift and the windows key, then press “s” (for screenshot). That’ll let you select a region to screenshot, and you can just paste it in here.

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never mind, i found it

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