The Gomie Tree: Revenge of the Achievements but im guideing how to revenge

btw its just simple gp so you dont realy need to check this one
first, wait 10 Seconds to Unlock Points Generation, which is based on beginning Achievements.
(3 achievements total by this point) // 2.16 Points Per Second (P/s)
And, now wait another 10 Sec (4 ach total) to Unlock Prestige Tab, Your First Layer. // 2.64 P/s
After getting, wait for 50 Points, after that, you can now get your First Prestige Points! Also its Somehow Boosted by x2 So More Boost. (I recommend you to get to 69 points and get First PP, you can get it shortly by just waiting.) // 5.28 P/s (if no 69 points ach / 4 achs) // 3.09 P/s (5 achs) - 6.17 P/s (if Prestiged)
(PP = prestige points)
if You’re PC, try holding ‘P’ key, which will automaticliy Prestige. (Check Hotkey For More Info)
and, it will get to 50PP soon.
Then, Go to main screen and click Booster tab. and get your first Booster, which boosts your Points Gain by x1.3 Per Booster! (its actually accurate)
and get 100PP, to get your first Generator!
I think this is too fast progress because it has been around 3 minutes and we already got both layers.
well, now just get more Generators and Boosters. (Protip: Hold P, and Press B (boosters) and G (generators) key to get things faster, without going their tab.)
Get Around 3 or 4 Boosters, and now we will get 5 Generators to get achievement that is really overpowered for beginners.
yes, You will understand why.
and then, get dice or digits, yep. dice is better for me because some reason.
ok lemme type this later
get 30 dice and digits, endgame!
and when grinding dice, If you want to get lots of red and yellow quickly, unlock custom dice, make sure you get onto a multiple of 8, then set your custom dice to 8 and just repeatedly roll. Doing this you will only land on red and yellow.

game link
also link to the 42UR3_and_friend’s topic

speedrun (3:23.97)

(digits layer number ach)
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, (put your digit’s count), 42, 69, 420, 500, 729, 777, 1337, 2022, 2048, 31415, 69420, 1e29 // 100 Oct (limit of putting)
(bonus one)
unlock the layer, press back button, press erase button, press back button when theres is no number, press erase button while theres no number

yep, this passed many days after last update, im going to wait. < - - heck yeah abandoned
imagine 2024 come faster then this tree’s update (it did)
ok terrible grammar i fixed it


is achs abandoned this mod or no update in 15 day- ok i can wait…
seriously 50 days is some rageing pic


That was insanely fast omg
this time I released the tree kinda fast, before the game has a big amount of playability

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well im now testing how many booster i can get

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That happened because I forgot to update the endgame
Would update that soon


oh no.

oh wait im in korea i cant-

ah sh-

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HA! now i own all of you.

wait is this too much


@koreanguy_lol dude that is toooooooo much

Btw I just upgraded but I’m probably not getting into the last but second to last, area?

@koreanguy_lol wait I just noticed you playing the Roblox if your friends aren’t full I play Roblox at times so you know maybe we could friend each other since basically we were just attracted here on the modeling tree that’s probably the best I can do about you know going and stuff or maybe it’s the modeling tree nope doesn’t work see I typed very slowly so I just use my voice so it can have a lot of problems oh my gosh why do I keep typing paragraphs I guess that’s my ADHD coming into play yes I do have ADHD

@Raylan_Helton um then a… send friend req? kr_0345

@koreanguy_lol Done it’s quite crazy that this happened on my birthday I mean pretty cool heha


ok, 42UR, it passed many days after update, when will you’re going to update?

It’s abandoned. And 42UR3 said that.

look i completely fixed entire thing