The Modding Tree games Tier Lists

Post your tier list of TMT games you’ve played so far.
One list per user, to not make this too cluttered, edit if you must. And please remember these things (placements and tiers) are based on opinion.
A Tier: (Have a lot of fun content and are very well-made)

  • The Communitree
  • The Game Dev Tree
  • Lit+
  • The Milestone Tree
  • The Multitree
  • Primordia
  • The Tree of Life

B Tier: (Usually great but a bit short or of good length but some parts are a buzzkill)

  • Antreematter Dimensions
  • The Dynas Tree
  • Falling Mountain’s AlterPrestige
  • The Gaokao Tree
  • The Incrementali Tree
  • The Incrementreeverse
  • The Leveling Tree
  • Lit
  • Plague Tree
  • Prestige Tree Classic
  • Prestige Tree Dimensions
  • Prestige Tree Rewritten
  • The Prestreestuck
  • The Tree of Nerfs 2
  • The Upgrading Tree
  • The Prestige Tree: Alternate (not made in TMT or Profectus but still)

C Tier: (What I often found good but several parts felt torturous, often due to weak balancing, or short but have plenty of charm and unique ideas)

  • Despacit Tree Delta
  • The Formula
  • The GFRIEND Tree
  • The Incremental Dev Tree
  • The Prestige Chain Classic
  • A Prestige Tree Mod About Merging
  • The Side Project

D Tier: (Has a decent idea here and there but is too short or boring to be something I’d truly recommend)

  • The Ascension Tree (not made in TMT or Profectus but still)
  • The Compact Tree
  • The Fuel Tree
  • The h0nde Tree
  • The RNG Tree
  • The Stardust Tree
  • The Tree of Nerfs

E Tier: (Short and nothing really interesting)

  • The 64 Layers Tree
  • The Burning Tree
  • The Pg Tree
  • The Prestige Forest
  • Too Many Softcaps

A Tier (very good)

  • Prestige Tree Rewritten
  • Milestone Tree
  • Alterprestige
  • Prestige Tree Alternate
  • Game Dev Tree

B Tier (good)

  • Tuba’s Tree (my own game but still I think I can rank it)
  • Communitree (take this with a side of salt because I haven’t played the whole thing)
  • Prestige Tree Dimensions
  • Multitree (take this with a side of salt because I haven’t played the whole thing)

C Tier (alright)

  • Vorona
  • Incrementreeverse
  • Tree of Life (take this with a side of salt because I haven’t played the whole thing)

These aren’t every mod that I have played so there’s probably some shorter or older mods that I forgot about.

My Faves:

  • The Tree of Life
  • The Multitree
  • The Prestige Tree Classic
  • The Game Dev Tree
  • The Dynas Tree (really wish the exploration part didn’t happen so late though)
  • The Incremtreeverse (before the end parts)

Solid Mods:

  • The Plague Tree
  • Falling Mountain’s Alterprestige
  • Prestige Tree Rewritten (my first playthrough was torturous - affects my rankings a bit)
  • The Gaokao Tree
  • The Prestreestuck
  • The Factoree
  • The Prestige Chain Classic
  • The Leveling Tree
  • The Milestone Tree
  • The Formula

Kinda Mid, To Be Honest:

  • Prestige Chain Reincarnated (the gameplay loop never changes as of writing this.)
  • Communitree (Hottest take of the thread, it’s just a waiting sim without anything to look at while you wait)
  • The Function of Time (I stopped exactly when the game threw me a repeat of the first layer but long and arduous)
  • APTMAM (The start IS interesting but a lot of the prestige layers just don’t work)