The Modding Tree games Tier Lists

Post your tier list of TMT games you’ve played so far.
One list per user, to not make this too cluttered, edit if you must. And please remember these things (placements and tiers) are based on opinion. After all, the main drive in developing, playing, and analyzing is fun and passion, plus all these games are released for free and even those in the lower tiers are functional and you may still find them enjoyable.
I also link to my reviews hosted on TV Tropes if you want more detailed thoughts (I’m unlikely to make reviews for all of them, but they’re there).
Open the sections for the specific tiers to see them! (Some of them may be large)

A Tier (Awesome)
  • Advent Incremental
  • The Communitree (Review)
  • The Game Dev Tree (Review)
  • The Incremental God Tree (Review)
  • Lit+ (original is B tier)
  • The Milestone Tree (Review)
  • The Multitree (Review)
  • Prestige Tree (Classic is B tier) (Reviews of both)
  • Primordia (Review)
  • Universal Reconstruction
B Tier (Good)
  • Antreematter Dimensions
  • The Challenge Tree
  • Collection of Everything
  • The Factoree (Review)
  • Falling Mountain’s AlterPrestige
  • The Gaokao Tree
  • The Incremental Dev Tree
  • The Incrementali Tree
  • The Incrementreeverse
  • The Leveling Tree
  • Plague Tree (Review)
  • The Prestige Rectangle
  • Prestige Tree Dimensions (Review)
  • The Prestreestuck (Review)
  • The Tree of Life (Review)
  • The Tree of Nerfs 2
  • The Upgrading Tree
C Tier (Decent)
  • The Art Tree (Review)
  • Despacit Tree Delta (Review)
  • The Dynas Tree (Review)
  • The Energy Tree
  • The Formula (Review)
  • The h0nde Tree (Review)
  • The Null Tree
  • Planar Pioneers (Review)
  • The Prestige Chain Classic
  • Prestige Tree Condensed (Review)
  • A Prestige Tree Mod About Merging (Review)
  • Prestige Universe
  • The Side Project
  • The User Tree (1 and 2)
  • The Word: TREE (Review)
D Tier (Barely adequate)
  • The Atomic Tree
  • The Compact Tree
  • The GFRIEND Tree (Review)
  • The Fuel Tree
  • Infinite Softcaps
  • The Prestige Tree: Alternate (also DespATPT) (Review)
  • The Stardust Tree (Review)
  • Tree Inc.
  • The Tree of Death
E Tier (Poor)
  • The 64 Layers Tree
  • The Alphabet Tree
  • The Burning Tree (Review)
  • The Pg Tree
  • The Prestige Forest
  • Too Many Softcaps
X Tier (Quality unclassifiable, clearly joke/satire/April Fools games or made by me)
  • The Blob War
  • A Fun And Interactive Idle Game
  • The Millennium Tree (Review)
  • The RNG Tree (Review)
  • The Tree of Nerfs
  • The Ascension Tree (not made in TMT or Profectus but still) (Review)

Things which can earn your game a higher spot on a tier list (at least mine):

  • A good amount of content (I like to leave it satisfied with the amount of stuff it provided)
  • Good balancing (should not rely on timewalls or mashing the reset button)
  • A unique and fleshed-out core mechanic
  • An interesting theme
  • Some cool side additions that add charm (a lore, icons)
  • No glitches or oversights that hamper enjoyment
  • An overall feeling of polish

A Tier (very good)

  • Prestige Tree Rewritten
  • Milestone Tree
  • Alterprestige
  • Prestige Tree Alternate
  • Game Dev Tree

B Tier (good)

  • Tuba’s Tree (my own game but still I think I can rank it)
  • Communitree (take this with a side of salt because I haven’t played the whole thing)
  • Prestige Tree Dimensions
  • Multitree (take this with a side of salt because I haven’t played the whole thing)

C Tier (alright)

  • Vorona
  • Incrementreeverse
  • Tree of Life (take this with a side of salt because I haven’t played the whole thing)

These aren’t every mod that I have played so there’s probably some shorter or older mods that I forgot about.

My Faves:

  • The Tree of Life
  • The Multitree
  • The Prestige Tree Classic
  • The Game Dev Tree
  • The Dynas Tree (really wish the exploration part didn’t happen so late though)
  • The Incremtreeverse (before the end parts)

Solid Mods:

  • The Plague Tree
  • Falling Mountain’s Alterprestige
  • Prestige Tree Rewritten (my first playthrough was torturous - affects my rankings a bit)
  • The Gaokao Tree
  • The Prestreestuck
  • The Factoree
  • The Prestige Chain Classic
  • The Leveling Tree
  • The Milestone Tree
  • The Formula

Kinda Mid, To Be Honest:

  • Prestige Chain Reincarnated (the gameplay loop never changes as of writing this.)
  • Communitree (Hottest take of the thread, it’s just a waiting sim without anything to look at while you wait)
  • The Function of Time (I stopped exactly when the game threw me a repeat of the first layer but long and arduous)
  • APTMAM (The start IS interesting but a lot of the prestige layers just don’t work)

Not all of them, I feel like I’ve played all the good ones
The plague tree (really well made, as far as I can see)
The prestreestuck (homestuck brainrot go brrr)
The multitree (really really good, would recommend)
The milestone tree (really unique but not bad? Yes please)
Tree quest (short but sweet)
The one with bamboo and mushrooms (can’t remember name, really fun)
Antreematter (fun, not as timewally as antimatter dimensions
Alterprestige (really well made)
TPTR (played it before classic, like it more)
TPTC (got to gears, stopped)
The tree of life (either timewalls or grinding all the time? No thank you)
Tree of life (I just hold a lot of hate for the tree of life)
Tree of life
Just tree of life I think
A bunch of smaller mods.


The Prestreestuck Z minus 1.7977e308


A tier
The mod i made and am currently working on (Incremental Dev Tree and Incremental God Tree)
Game Dev Tree (First mod i’ve ever played)
PT:R and PT:C
The stellar lumen

B Tier
All of the ng trees
Plague Tree
Challenge Tree
Advent Incremental
Planar Pioneer

C Tier
Milestone Tree
Prestige Chain
Tree of death

Tree of life (a horrible abomination of a mod and is 33% of #mod-updates on the discord)


same as randomtuba


A: Tuba’s Tree
Plant Tree
Plague Tree
Inflation Tree (amazing storyline… especially the part where it went ^^^^^^^^^)
Prestreestuck (haven’t played the whole thing)
Prestige Tree Dimensions
Tuba’s Tree 2 (I hate energies)
Milestone Tree
Multitree (I’m sorry multitree enjoyers)
Game Dev Tree (haven’t finished it and never will)
Prestige Chain: Remastered
Incrementreeverse (…)
Shenanigans Tree (haven’t finished it and never will)
Everything after:


make this an official tier list

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S: Godly, make more of these types
Tree Quest (please please please finish it PLEASE)
Universal Reconstruction (add the rest of the stuff please)

A: Really good, make more
ArcTree (took me a while to like it but now it’s amazing)
Tubas Tree 2
Plant Tree
Antreematter Dimensions

B: Decent
Plague Tree
Game Dev Tree
Advent Incremental
The Content Tree

C: good but had some problems that needed to be fixed
Gaming Tree (crashed a few times and had to restart each time)
Prestreestuck (Skaia levels takes a while)
Planar Pioneers (just seems way too short)

D: eh
F: bad

Tree of life is trash:
Tree of Life

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Reviews 15~ are here


Ranks(all scores are x/5. Better ranks will have bigger x)

Content(C): Based on content amount. Long but contentless ones won’t have good rank
Balancing(B): Based on balancing, including QoL(adds to the rank), Timewalls(subtract to this), etc
Uniqueness(U): Based on uniqueness of topic and mechanic
Overall: (C x 0.2) + (B x 0.5) + (U x 0.3)

Dev link is homepage or profile. up= upgrade, chal= challenge

Finished games’ numbers are bold, active ones are italic, otherwise inactive
Mod finder/ Tropes/Modlist by yhvr/Wiki

0.The Tree of Nerfs(downvoid*)
*Also “unsoftcapped” or “upvoid”. The review is based on v1.0


Topic: You get a nerf reducing point gain. Layers and their ups reduce it.
Length: 1-2 hrs. Endgame: F1.798e308 points

Layers: Each layer resets all prev progress basically and has 8 ups and last up in the first 5 layers unlocks new layer. And this tree has 6 layers but has only 1 layer in the same row. Also ups in first 5 layers spell out “Remove”, “the”, “softcaps”, “and”, “unlock”, “a”, “new”, “layer”. Row 1 ups in layer 6 are same as previous, the rest in layer 6 spell out “finish”, “tree”, “of”, “nerfs”.

Balancing: Each layer is so similar that it’ll be boring. Other than this, the overall balancing is good.
Misc: As it uses old TMT, “single-tab mode” and “Shift+click to toggle tooltips” are unavailable. And last up in first 5 layers costs 69.

Conclusion: Though the topic was very unique, the game lacks the content. And game goes the same at each layer, so you’ll feel bored while playing. It has potential but that’s all.

Ranks: Content 3/5, Balancing 3/5, Uniqueness 3/5, Overall 3/5

1.The Tree Of* Nerfs 2(downvoid) link/Alt link
*Also “Ton2”. The review is based on v1.5.8


Topic: The sequel of “The Tree of Nerfs”. Some layers are taken from “Distance Incremental”, “Antimatter Dimensions”, “Prestige Tree”.
Length: 7-8 hrs. Endgame: 88 Buffs
Layers: 18 layers. But unlike the original, not all layers resets all prior progress and can have several layers in the same row. Also this tree will be more satisfying than the original, as it has more variations.

Balancing: Average speed. But you’d wait more than 1 hr to unlock AD. “Timewall” tab in AT layer has ups that are timewalls.

Misc: Row 6 spell out “Albania”, which is also a ‘recursive acronym’, since AL layer is “Albania”. Also AL milestone adding AN layer says “gwa gwa”. Ups’ names in XYZ layer only used x, y, z

Conclusion: The game was vastly improved compared to the previous, as it has far more content, more components and variations. But big timewall to unlock AD layer makes it boring.

Ranks: Content 4/5, Balancing 4/5, Uniqueness 4/5, Overall 4/5

2.Ordinal Gwarkup*(downvoid) link
*Also “Ordinal Gwa Tree”(1st one in The review is based on v0.7.1


Topic: Mod of “ordinal pringles”, according to downvoid. But base shifts increase base by 1, which are kept on all resets. There’s “quadrupler"(x4 autoclick speed). And you can only buy 1 factor of each type, whose buffs aren’t constant. In addition most sluggish milestone req isn’t the same as pringles.

So it’s NOT a mod, for being different from pringles. It’s more like “TMT Remake” of “Ordinal Pringles”
Length: 2-3 days. Endgame: Unlock Veblen

Layers: 6 layers. G layer has base shifts(unlock stuff but increase the base), auto clicker, and factors. B layer’s req is initially “gwarkup points”, but changes to “psi ordinal” later. B layer resets G layer stuff. The 1st tab in the H layer has FGH and SGH ordinals, which are auto clicked. The 2nd tab in the H layer is “overflow”, unlocked at 41 Factor Boosts and Boosters you get after 40 Factor Boosts produce “booster power”, whose effect can be seen in this tab. The 3rd tab in the H layer is “charge”. Charge can be bought with “incrementy”, which is used for boosting Booster ups.

C layer resets all pre-collapse stuff. It has “Sluggish Milestones(SM)”, “alephs”, “CUPs”, “Light mode”, and “singularity(SL)”. SM is QoL milestones(SM0 adds new stuff), which is the same as ones in OM. Alephs boost various things but choice is random. CUPs cost cardinals, some of them are useful.

Light mode makes stuff weaker, but you can buy some stuff in it. In addition, you can buy “Anti-Charges”, which is used for “Anti-charging CUPs(Anti-charged CUPs are called ‘ACUP’, which are boosted CUPs.)”. Singularity buffs cardinal but nerfs incrementy, buffed by using incrementy or cardinals. And there’s “Realm” later, which disables all prior things and base is 2^(completion+1). But there’s a layer in it. Singularity and realm can be toggled. After 3 realms there’s veblen boosting realm.

Balancing: Slow but no long timewalls. Collapse is very grindy, so I recommend: Get SM70 as soon as possible. Get SM55 when you buy CUP1, CUP5. SM41 and 25 aren’t important. Make sure to have enough alephs.

Misc: Offline prod is force disabled due to exploits. Also you can select a light theme(don’t select it) and change the max ordinal length. SM25 is buffed after v0.6. There’s a bug where your incrementy jumps when you respec charges. Also when you buy ACUP4, the incrementy will be inflated so that you can have like e300 cardinals. But buying ACUP4 is impossible for now so don’t worry.

Conclusion: The game was fun, but it’s slow and lacks the explanation, especially the H layer. Also the late game bugs breaks the game due to hyperinflation. And I think you can understand this game better when you play OM or Ordinal Pringles. Nonetheless, it’s well-balanced and still worth playing.

Ranks: Content 5/5, Balancing 4/5, Uniqueness 3/5, Overall 3.9/5

3.8×8 Tree(downvoid) link


Topic: A tree with an 8×8 grid. 17 of them are made.
Length: 5 hrs. Endgame: 1 Hyper prestige point
Layers: 17 layers. Ups in layer 1 are always kept and unlock a new layer except 1st up. But others are reset on higher rows.

Balancing: Fast but grindy. You’ll spam resets many times. Also if you unlocked row 2, then I recommend you to get at least 5 of them for a milestone.(But it doesn’t matter that much)

Conclusion: The game balanced very well and has decent amount of content, but it’s a bit grindy.
Ranks: Content 3/5, Balancing 3/5, Uniqueness 3/5, Overall 3/5

4.Game Dev Tree(thepaperpilot) link


Topic: Developing TMT. The “hours of work” gain is reduced over time after some point. You start with a small idea but eventually become a great game dev.
Length: 4-5 hrs. Endgame: ee12 hrs of work

Layers: 11 layers. All layers only got reset along branches(only higher resets are counted). For example, E layer(row 2) connected to U(row 1), R, S(both row 3), A, T(both row 4), D(row 4), but U layer is lower reset so E layer only resets on R, S, A, T, D. Note that the D layer is connected to all row 1-3 layers, so it resets all of them.

Balancing: Fast at row 1-3 but slow at row 4. And both A and G layers(row 4) require strategy. For A layer, concentrate on boosting E gain and giving levels on all prior APIs. It’ll even be helpful at the endgame and allows you to push past the end. And for G layer, NEVER use it until spent G counts into its effect, as unspent G is helpful and content unlocked by it will be very costly. And the last chal will be a very long timewall(1 hr maybe) even if you pushed enough outside of it.

Misc: There’s a lore at all layers.
Conclusion: Though it’s easy to play compared to other TMTs in the early game, the bad balance at late game(especially the last chal) make the game less fun. However, if you’re a new TMT player, I recommend you to play it first.

Ranks: Content 3/5, Balancing 3/5, Uniqueness 3/5, Overall 3/5

5.Leveling Tree(Denisolension) Githack link


Topic: Leveling up. Level req is higher each lv up. Length: 10-15 hrs. Endgame:12 Damage

Layers: 8 layers. You won’t get initial lv cap(e6) until layer 5. But you’ll get a lv cap shortly after that. And it won’t increase until a skill(layer 6) milestone that adds lv cap based on skills up to e4. And you’ll unlock 9th chal in layer 5 shortly, and the 9th chal will increase lv cap more(until e7 if you don’t get treasures) but you’ll notice that maxing out is very hard; 99 completions is easy.

Balancing: Slow. Layer 1-4 isn’t that hard. But if you unlocked layer 5, you may notice the chals in that layer is hard. The 8th chal is very hard(the second hardest to max it) as you need to max it(100 completions) to unlock the next layer. And layer 6 is very grindy as it resets all prior stuff. Layer 7 ups after the 11th up will be all timewalls, especially for 17th-21st ups(1000 sec of waiting each). And the final layer also resets all prior stuff so it’ll be very grindy again.

Misc: The game until v0.2 had a typical design for TMT, but the v0.2.0.1 update changed the design so much, and added a xp bar as well. Also all milestones that bulk buy 2nd ruby buyables are all broken (due to single line mistake in “ruby.js”, according to the user “Terper” in discord server), except e6 skills milestone. Also has a few typos. For example, “To Level 70!” up’s description “Level UP much too faster before lv.60” should be changed to “Level UP too much faster before lv.70”, as it works at lv 60-70.

Conclusion: It was unique for using RPG stuff in TMT, but the grind and timewalls made the game boring.
Ranks: Content 4/5, Balancing 2/5, Uniqueness 4/5, Overall 3/5

6.Tuba’s Tree(Randomtuba) link


Topic: Just a generic TMT. Length: 7-9 hrs. Endgame: e2.36e14 points

Layers: 5 layers and a side layer. Each layer except the last resets all prior progress. The last layer only resets the 1st layer. All layers has ups, buyables, and milestones. Layer 3 also has chals that are non- repeatable. Layer 4 has 5 chals that are repeatable(up to 10 times).

Balancing: Average speed but it has 1 hr wall at “No Shards II”(layer 3). Layer 4 chals are painful.
Misc: It shows 45 goals, but 5 goals are added if you got 1 super prestige point.
Conclusion: The game was fun, but “No shards II” timewall was too bad.
Ranks: Content 4/5, Balancing 4/5, Uniqueness 4/5, Overall 4/5

7.Tuba’s Tree Rewritten(Randomtuba)


Topic: Same as Tuba’s Tree. It has 42 goals. Length: 3-5 hrs
Layers: 4 layers and 2 side layers. Unlike the original, it has a booster and point layer, but doesn’t have T, R, and SP. Each layer resets all prior rows and has ups and buyables in all layers except booster.

Balancing: Slow. You should farm Exp for a boost, which is a grind.
Conclusion: The game was less fun than the original, due to being very grindy.
Ranks: Content 3/5, Balancing 3/5, Uniqueness 3/5, Overall 3/5

8.Tuba’s Tree 2*(Randomtuba)
*It was at github, but moved to glitch. The review is based on v1.0.


Topic: Growing Tubas. It’s a sequel to Tuba’s Tree. But it’s more similar to Tuba’s Tree Rewritten.
Length: 14-17 hrs. Endgame: e9.588e8 Tubas

Layers: 9 layers and 5 side layers. Unlike the Tuba’s Tree, trensension chals are also repeatable(up to 3) and “shards” from Tuba’s Tree are changed to “polynomial growth” mechanic(original one has generator and doubler). Also “Energy” was so expanded that it has 5 types of nerfs and types. Strategies are required at “Reincarnation skill tree” and “Super-Prestige Ups(not as much as the previous)”. Reincarnation Chals are completable up to 50 times, but maxing out it is impossible.

Balancing: Normal speed. You’ll spam Transcend clicks at early-reincarnation. Also you should spam Ascension clicks after buying an Ascension up that boosts Ascension Point gain based on its count. And you’ll need to reset Reincarnation tree ups whenever you’re stuck. When you unlock the SP layer, you’ll choose its ups wisely(tip: never get the up that boosts quarks at first. And the strongest up at 1 upgrade point is the 2nd up.). And don’t forget about beating Reincarnation chals.

Misc: The goals are colored: Green(pre-Trenscend), Yellow(Trenscend), Red(Reincarnate).
Conclusion: The game has much improved compared to the prior trees by Randomtuba. And this tree was much more impressive than Tuba’s Tree. However, Incrementy layer was a bit boring. Nonetheless, it’s worth playing it.

Ranks: Content 5/5, Balancing 4/5, Uniqueness 5/5, Overall 4.5/5

9.The Incrementreeverse(pg132) link


Topic: Growing “Incrementy”. Length: 2 days. Endgame: F1.798e308 points

Layers: 16 Layers. But some layers are removed when buying “Seen” up(at pion layer). Most layers until row 3 aren’t reset layers. But all layers after “S” layer are all reset layer. Fragment layer has cooldown(30 sec) and you can’t reset at cooldown. “Incrementy Stamina” is strong even in the late-game, because it raises base incrementy gain and effect is exponential. But the effect is softcapped at 40(still strong).

Balancing: Slow and grindy. The game before Origin reset goes fine(there’s 1000 sec timewall at Super-prestige). However, Origin resets ALL stuff(Almost hard reset) before this and hardly boosts things(So it forces you to start from “Origin” again, so does the name.). And it takes a very long time to recover. The game goes fine when you got all Origin QoLs, before Capsules. Capsule resets ALL prior stuff and it take a long time to recover. Nonetheless, Capsule is better than Origin, since it takes less time.

Misc: When you beat this, you can’t select keep going but you can hard reset. Holding on buyables doesn’t work. *Number limit of the game

Conclusion: The game has various content, but balancing was very bad at origin
Ranks: Content 5/5, Balancing 3/5, Uniqueness 5/5, Overall 4/5

10.The Prestige Chain(pg132)


Topic: A linear tree with alphabetical order(A~M). Length: 1 day. Endgame: 378 Goals

Layers: 13 layers and 2 side layers. All layers reset all prior layers. And the 2nd side layer resets all prior layers, as well as goals. However, the next layer(G) resets the 2nd side layer as well(G doesn’t reset goals.). All layers have ups and buyables(except side layers), and some layers have milestones and chals.(including side layer 2)

Balancing: Normal speed. But you’ll suffer at medals, as it’s repetitive and boring. Also M layer is the only layer that needs strategy, which is the last layer.

Misc: All components in the layer have a name, whose 1st letter is the same as the layer’s 1st letter. For example, the 10th up in the “Eggs” layer: the name of it is “Equipment”.(costs e7 Eggs) And holding buyables doesn’t work, as it uses old TMT. You’ll see the inflation at the J-L layers.

Conclusion: The game was balanced very well except for Medals.
Ranks: Content 4/5, Balancing 4/5, Uniqueness 4/5, Overall 4/5

11.Milestone Tree(Loader3229*) link Chinese ver.
*The review is based on v1.160


Topic: Milestones. This tree has 160 milestones. This tree actually has all components from TMT, but still the main is milestones.
Length: 13-16 hrs. Endgame:160 milestones

Layers: 13 layers. All types of milestones are always kept. All other layers are reset on lower rows(except PE, SE, and HE, which are always kept and reset nothing.).

Balancing: Fast at pre-Transcend and normal after this. You’ll spam click many times for Prestige Boost, at the early game. Also if you’re stuck, there should be something you’re missing. And after getting 120th milestone, you should get AP chal completions as much as you can, as even 0.01 completions are important(or wait for T ups.).However, AP challenges starts to be automated(even if you’re out of them) at 145 milestones, eventually all of them are automated shortly after. But you should enter them again for some ups’ requirements.

Misc: TP is capped at e20. 69th milestone popup: “69th milestone lol”. 2nd Hyper-prestige buyable’s base cost is e6.9e5(Nice)

Conclusion: This game is balanced almost optimally at all points, besides having enough content. While the topic isn’t that unique, you should play it if you’re looking for a good TMT.

Ranks: Content 4/5, Balancing 5/5, Uniqueness 3/5, Overall 4.2/5

11A.Milestone Tree NG+(Seder3214) link[Unfinished]


Topic: Extended milestone tree. NG+ starts at 145 milestones.
Length: hrs. Endgame:
Layers: layers. Layer 12(Prestige Power) resets Prestige, which has a buyable(gains Hz) and some ups. Layer 13(Exotic Prestige) resets layers 2 and 12, which has some ups and a buyable(add effects). Layer 14(Multiverse Prestige) resets rows 2-4, which is a static layer having 4 chals, 4 ups, and 6 buyables. Last 3 Chals in layer 14 will reset all resources except layer 14. Layer 14 buyables are strategic, as their costs scale each other. Entering last layer 14 chal will hide all layers except layer 14, adding new layers. This chal is called The Prestige Universe.(I’ll call it PU)

In PU you’ll see new milestones in layers 15(Prestige Milestone) and 18(Currupt Milestone) but point gain is reduced by 1st milestone. Layer 15 resets nothing, and 1st layer 15 milestone produces Prestige Essence(I’ll call it PE), boosting points. There are 2 more layer 14 buyables whose costs only scales by their levels. Those 2 buyables buff PE or Points, but you can select 1 of buffs that can be swapped. Layer 16(Prestigified Exotic Prestige) resets PE, which has a buyable adding effects up to 3. It has some ups too, added later on.

Layer 17(Curruption) adds a curruption(I’ll call it CR) each reset, which does nothing. But you can fix them by tapping on them, reducing either points or PE. It’s fixed when you get enough points if it reduces points. If a CR reduces PE you can get enough PE to fix it. When you fix CR, they give Curruption Essence(I’ll call CE) boosting points and PE. CE is used for layer 17 ups. All CR becomes harder every fix. Layer 18 needs fixed CR, having milestones that won’t reset CR.

Balancing: Very fast before PU but slow after that. Due to achievement buff pre-PU is cleared in 1 hr. After that you’ll wait for 1000 sec often in PU.

Misc: You can change tree style to a revamped one, which is very different from tree style(No tree nodes in revamped; they’re changed to side bar). By the way Curruption layer is very cool and unique idea I think. How Seder3214 thought of it? It’s a refreshing concept for me. I really appreciate Seder3214’s idea for this layer.

Ranks: Content 5/5, Balancing /5, Uniqueness 5/5, Overall /5

12.The Multitree*(Loader3229)
*The review is based on v1.6.1.2


Topic: A Tree with 8 trees. You start with Tree 1(The Prestige Tree Classic;I’ll call it PTC). You add trees as you progress. Switching trees is important since progressing in other ones is needed.
Length: 35-50 hrs. Endgame: e7.777e11 points

Layers: 22/4/3/3/13/11/14/3 layers each tree(in unlocking order;73 total). Tree 2 is The Stardust Tree(ST). Tree 3 is The Prestige Forest(PF). Tree 4 is The Burning Tree(BT). Tree 5 is The Incrementreeverse(TI). Tree 6 is The Game Dev Tree(GDT). Tree 7 is The Prestige Tree Rewritten(PTR). Tree 8 is Milestone Tree(MT). You can add stuff in Tree Manager. Selecting 1 of B/G, T/E/S, HB/SS layers in PTC doesn’t increase the others’ costs. It applies to all trees, so feel free to unlock new ones. Tree 7 layers are only unlocked by both upgrading this tree and get ups in “Rewrite TPT” in Tree Manager. MT milestones are gotten with points, not tree 8 resources unlike original. But other layers in MT is based on milestone power(gained by MT milestone 1) and other MT resources. Pion milestone 1 in TI can hide some prior layers, which won’t remove effect. You can show them again after hiding them, which is needed for beating boson chals. Pion effect delays stamina softcap. which is based on itself and maxes at 4. It isn’t same as original since the effect is based on best pion on reset which caps at e9.

Balancing: Normal speed, but slow sometimes. Crystal layer in tree 2 needs strategy, as shards are limited. But their ups get cheaper every crystal(min 0), and you get all later.
Here’s a tip(3 rows): Don’t get 31/33 unless you’re stuck at tree 1. Get all ups that are free. 13/15/21/22/25/34 are “Must-Have’', so you should get them. Don’t get 11/12/14/23/24 until it’s free.

The point is to boost things in tree 2 and avoid the others. Note that getting more crystals is important even if all crystal ups are bought, as some of them boost things based on crystals. It applies to “Chemical Synthesizers” in tree 3.

At 199 refactors in GDT, it’s slow. In this case check: Row 7 layers in tree 1, last layer in trees 2 and 3, layers N, G, Q, and P in tree 6(if exist). Then just wait for 200 refactors. At 4 Time Capsules in tree 7, getting time capsule is a timewall, which is just a waiting. At e6.6e7 points you’ll wait for a prestige up. At e1.3e8 points you’ll stuck for a long time(up to 3 hrs), just wait for 1079 boosters in tree 7. Also get Imperium&Hyper buildings/Mastery Bricks&buildings(automated at 79 MB)/Crystals(automated at 50)/Chemical Synthesizers/Row 4 layers in tree 6 when available.

After that it can be slow sometimes, but after e3e9 it’s fine until the end. At some point in late game Cryatals, Mastery Bricks&Buildings, Time Flux & lecture gain are all finally automated. But Hyper&Imperium Buildings, Chemical Synthesizers, Endpoints(API), Time Flux Buyables, Diploma, Good Will are never automated so check them.

Row 2 G ups in GDT are added later, but you can’t buy all right away. In this case, respec and don’t buy 14. Upon buying “Good Will Upgrade 23”, you’ll notice that fans are reduced so much that it’ll take some time to max them. But it’s the strongest Good Will up, because it cheapens fame buyables so much that all costs are x+1, where x is level. So it makes fans much stronger in return. Good Will upgrade 23 forces Good Will reset upon buying(so it resets fans), so buy it right after Good Will reset.

Misc: As it uses old TMT, holding buyables doesn’t work. The up costs 69 coal says ‘nice’. Unlike original, Fans in tree 6 is capped at your points and Good will effect in tree 6 is based on total.

Conclusion: The concept of this was very unique(it’s the 1st one having multiple trees), as well as having a good amount of content and having great balancing. It’s the best TMT I’ve ever seen. I recommend it for those who are looking for good trees.

Ranks: Content 5/5, Balancing 5/5, Uniqueness 5/5, Overall 5/5

13.The Gaokao Tree(Loader3229)


Topic: Passing Gaokao(Chinese University entrance exam). Length: 12-14 hrs. Endgame:750 points

Layers: 8 Layers and a side layer. There are 4 ups and textbooks for each subject(row 1). Textbooks are buyables that buff credits and ability gain by 1.5 per level. All of those are reset on GK, which is an exam layer having milestones. But row 2 layers are permanent so they’re kept.

Balancing: Normal speed but very grindy in late game. You’ll click for textbooks a lot. Do GK reset when you’re waiting 2+ mins every buyable before the supermarket. When you unlock the supermarket, the goods in it will be timewall, so wait for those before GK reset. And unspent money does nothing, which means it’s always worth spending them. The Degree layer will be a bit strategic, as you can’t afford all of them. But there’s 9 of them at most and you can’t buy 1-2 of them, so there shouldn’t be many combos.

Misc: There are no autobuyers in this game and holding buyables doesn’t work, due to using old TMT. And the math score is usually lower than others.

Conclusion: The tree has a good amount of content and no timewalls. But the big grind makes it boring. However, it’s worth trying it, as it shows TMT without autobuyers be like.

Ranks: Content 3/5, Balancing 3/5, Uniqueness 3/5, Overall 3/5

14.Prestige Tree Dimensions*(Loader3229)
*Also “Prestige Tree: Dimensional Respecced”, “PTD”


Topic: “Prestige Tree Rewritten” but with dimensions in almost every layer. Some layers in “Prestige Tree Classic” included(L, SP) and some layers in Prestige Tree Rewritten are gone(HN, GE, MC, EN, NE, R, ID, AI, C)

Length: 3-5 days. Endgame:10 Infinities

Layers: 21 Layers and a side layer(infinity). The Infinity side layer resets all prior progress and the cost increases every reset. In addition, you get a nerf based on infinities. But you unlock something every infinity, and get a QoL milestone, and at 2 infinities gain Infinity Power based on infinities, which partially offsets infinity nerf. And every layer except infinity resets lower layers. Most of the layers have dimensions, which works like “Antimatter Dimensions”. H layer have chals, most of them are repeatable and some of them have no completion cap. And “Impossible?” chal is unique in that you can’t start this challenge.

Balancing: Slow at early game and fast at late game. This tree has timewalls at row 5 layer and 0 infinities, which means that you should wait for “Quirk Upgrade 21” effect to grow. But in the late game it goes much faster than before. Note that all chals in the game need enough progression inside and outside of them. The game inflates at almost every infinity. And this game doesn’t have a “respec space buildings” button due to having enough space for it. Although this tree has “respec hyper buildings” button, you’ll max out all of them shortly after.(but sometimes that button matters) Mastery layer changed to upgrade layer. So this tree totally lacks strategy.

Misc: Offline prod is useful in early game. Holding buyables doesn’t work.
Conclusion: This tree lacks strategy and has quite a few timewalls in the early game. But it was fun at late game for me, and it was also the longest tree by loader3229, and I thought the balance doesn’t fit in his usual balancing, I realized that it’s wrong after beating it. Therefore, it’s worth playing it.

Ranks: Content 5/5, Balancing 4/5, Uniqueness 2/5, Overall 3.6/5