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Alright, I’m Finally doing this thing.

Use :+1: and :-1: as Upvote and Downvote.
Get Upvote more than Downvote for 75% (with at least 3 Upvote) and I will make it in this mod.
You can only give ONE suggestion per THREE days from now on.
I will dm you if i’m confused with your suggestion.


For an example

Suggest: At prestige layer, add an new upgrade which boost point gain.

Add an upgrade that multiplies point gain based on last prestige reset gain (amount of prestige points gained on last reset)

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Banana layer. You can get bananas or apples Apples increase point gain bananas need apples and bananas can unlock upgrades

A buyable that spawns upgrades

a new side layer that add a clickable that fix the prestige reset error bug

That doesn’t count-- Already fixed

The milestone layer

Why not make a distressed layer
Difficulty choosing layer. You will unlock more and more upgrades in this layer, but you can only choose some of them, and the upgrades are not strong or weak

Take 2 or more of the preceding or following layer ideas, and unlock them at the same time. Put them on the same row and the player can progress along either independently.


Add an respecable upgrade that divides a resources gain by 2 and multiplies the gain of another by

Add a currency that generates over time

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8 milestone that makes you get 5% of prestige point gain per second
idk if its unbalanced balance it im not sure what to make it be


a upgrade that increases prestige upgrade 2’s hardcap based on all three resources
also maybe an upgrade that makes jakub upgrade based on best prestige not last prestige
right now prestige points are useless beside getting other resources, alxophobia is useless above 11 and before 16 (when alxo upgrade 4 second row becomes better than the first one), and milestones give a meek 1.5x

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tetris minigame

Add an upgrade that will ALWAYS be prestige points + 1 so you cannot get it :troll: and make the description be “Inflates your game”.


a buyable where every time it’s bought, a new milestone appears in the milestone layer

add a milestone (10 milestones) that allows all row one upgrades in the allodoxaphobia layer. name it allodoxaphilia

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I like the above idea, but if it gets accepted then we I think we should have a new pick-a-path like mechanic, so I’ll suggest maybe it’ll be time for a new layer that resets milestones and then has a grid of similar cost upgrades the player can buy in any order.

After all of the previous ideas, add a prestige layer called “space”, that gives you “space dust” which can be used to buy generator that have polynomial growth, the 1st generator produces space crystals that boost all previous resources
Space dust and space crystals can be used to get Stars from another layer, which has powerful upgrades