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Some news :troll:

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Time layer. Row zero along with space layer. Also not reset with any current (or idealized) layers. Currency: seconds, minutes, hours, and days. Buyable: time crystals. Time crystals multiply gain of points, all time currencies gain and all auto generation (up until that specific auto generation is equal to 100% a second).

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If the above suggestion gets added, add a layer that has a button to reset the time layer, and gives buffs to things based on how low your total seconds earned since last reset is.

(that is to say, you have bonuses for a short period after resetting the time layer)

Ideally these buffs would be to different currencies, so players can choose which resources to be grinding at a given time


Really Great idea

yu gi oh GIF

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that’s a really cool idea. Maybe it could be called time co-ordination

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First layer of hell: grindworld.
Row zero layer.
Currency: ground hell
Static layer, costs one point, doesn’t scale, only able to be reset inside of it’s challenge.
Several buyables that boost various aspects of it, like a gain doubler.
Challenge: grindworld. Reach 1e10 ground hell.
Reward boosts gain of all row zero layers x10.

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Rando idea cause why not…

  1. A challenge which nerfs every single buff ^0.9. Get as far as you can in this challenge (and also has no end).
    Reward: meta points, which generate meta energy. Meta energy can be used to unlock new layers, features, and also buffs all layers.

  2. Side layer which has minigames in it.

  3. A layer which makes layers synergize with each other.

  4. Do a global reset (like hard reset) to gain Global points. Boosts Global game speed.

  5. A layer which collapses old layers for new ones…

  6. Star-like feature which uses every. single. layer. to generate stars. Stars boost point and all non-static resource gain.

  7. Buggy minigame. Starts out not like every single minigame, but the more you progress the more buggy the minigame gets. When the minigame is entirely bugged all minigame progress, in-game progress (except for the skills layer and milestones are kept) is lost which boosts no4.

  8. Minigame about developing the tree of forum

  9. Game about tetration (idk how it would be balanced, but it could be)

  10. Finale layer, which does what it says (it’s the last layer) and ends the game.

  11. :troll: (not the last idea) A trolling layer (not nessecarily filled with trolls) but is about trolling. Progress from outside this layer nerfs this layer.

  12. Trolling button :troll:

  13. a button to make me shut up for now :troll:

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Way too many ideas, 2 is already done, and why do the global layer when we have the time layer.

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Ok that’s probably true so here’s (just) 1 idea.
Side layer (maybe a minigame?) called TMT. It has a mechanic which lets you upgrade The Modding Tree version to provide global effects. The layer is never reset (idk maybe not).
Example (probably not going to be added but whatever) effects:

  • Global game speed buff
  • Buff to resource gain (obviously non-static)

It also has a section called “developer practice” where you can practice your TMT skills to give bonus versions and buff the layer effects. (could be expanded on)

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Troll layer.
Reset your space dust to get trolls.
Resetting resets space and time layer.
Spend your trolls on three tabs of upgrades. Homestuck, fantasy, and internet.
Upgrades boost space and time layers.

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Link: part of achievements layer. A link to this page.
Also, a table of contents in the code.

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Side layer
Sincere thanks to all who made suggestions :troll:

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That’s actually a really cool idea.

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Snail cadavers. Resource. Don’t ask.

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Miniature status updates every week

New idea vv
More votes… please…
Actual idea:
Super booster upgrades:
Super rows: one extra upgrade added to each row, costs 30 boosters
Super allocation: you can now allocate one extra upgrade per row, costs 100 boosters

Reply with :o: for idea 2 to be added
Reply with :x: for idea 2 to not be added.

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Infinite layers

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add a side layer with the sole purpose of displaying the text “side layer”


(btw there’s a chance this won’t work if you gain points fast enough, for one it might just gain the points before the upgrade recalculates but also I’m not sure if Decimals can handle that much precision that big)

A layer that will reset it’s self after spending a certain currency fully in it, but in return, it will provide powerful upgrades that will help later in the game and save states in the layer every now and then. Sort of like Groundhog Life. Idk. Rando suggestion.

If you’re looking for the new Tree of Forum thread, it is here: TToF Season 2: Vote Area

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