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Multily points for every upgrade in ech tab for anime layer

the minigames has too low of a like to dislike ratio. it would need three more likes

Welp, it was obtained


feeling so attacked rn

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Skills allocation. Ability to change prestige levels into universal levels. Along with milestone levels (based on achievements obtained in the milestone layer). Which can also be allocated to universal levels. And allocation upgrades.

Remove branch between F and P layers since its redundant

add a super booster buyable called super↑↑2 booster, boosting booster gain and effect

No-one has voted for this but me

(Edit: I was talking about the idea I replied to, please don’t put this in the game)

you can do it now:troll:

too late it is now here 4 votes

Population has three upvotes, so I’m happy

Idea: side layer called the compressor. It allows you to compress layers. Compressed layers are never reset and generate 50% of their natural generation along with their upgrades working as intended. But you can’t access upgrades inside of the layer until you uncompress it. Uncompressing a layer removes all of it’s levels, upgrades, and currency. A layer can be compressed if you unlock it via compressor milestones, which are based on currency amount… always…