Two Layers. 1 Cost Increase

I got a question. I want to make it so after I purchase an upgrade, it unlocks two layers. Layer 1 provides with challenges, while Layer 2 provides with buyables.

Now, I understand how to make the layers, and make their content. However, my question is: How do I make it, so that after you purchase a layer, the other one’s requirement grows and finally after purchasing the other layer it goes back to its normal price?

Sincerely, alez.

Example: Layer 1 and 2 both cost 100 points. Upon buying Layer 1, Layer 2 costs 50,000 points now and vice-versa.

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thats what she said /s

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this layer is b, the other layer is a
requires() { new Decimal(100).times(new Decimal(500).pow((player.b.unlockOrder&&!player.b.unlocked))) }

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